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Berkshire Real Estate Fund announces the formation of the Europe & Asia Core Investment Fund
Berkshire Real Estate Fund "BREF" acquires the 75,000 square foot grocery store in Central Connecticut occupied by Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Inc. a division of ("AHOLD")

Berkshire Real Estate Fund ("BREF") is the most recent in a series of private equity real estate funds created with the goal of providing income and capital preservation for a small group of high net worth investors and endowments.

Berkshire's history dates back to 1988. Berkshire has been an innovator in the use of financial structuring to enhance returns and provide for greater protection of fund capital value. Our goal has not changed since our formation, to generate strong current returns while ensuring long term growth in fund value. Our core asset focus on well-located properties with long term leases to investment grade tenants has allowed us to achieve overall returns in excess of the recognized industry indexes.

We focus on core real estate investing in properties that require very limited management and oversight, allowing us to provide strong returns with a very low operating expense structure. Our returns, after fees and operating costs, are well in excess of industry averages.

Our fund is currently closed to new investment. Investor inquiries should be directed to